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The continuous growth of Chinese economy presents DSR with many challenges and
  tremendous opportunities. Along with fast growing economy and strong market demand
  in China, the bottled beverages become increasing popular to the consumers. People are
  paying much attention to the safety, hygiene, environmental protection, and appearance
  of the bottling materials. While serving the existing customers with the best quality
  products, DSR is committed to develop and to market high value-added products, such as
  PET chips for beer bottle and specialty resins for industrial usages. Integrated with
  industries in Haicang Investment Zone, DSR will fully utilize its existing advantage, such as
  heat, power generation and dedicated berths, to greatly improve its competitiveness. 
                <p>  DSR works towards building a unique corporate culture to meet the challenges both from
    home and from abroad. DSR is determined to become the role model of industries with the
    mission statements 'Creativity, Safety and Environment, Excellence, and Growth'.

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